About the Conference

History of DCD Conferences

International Consensus Conference on Developmental Coordination Disorder

In 1994, 43 leading researchers gathered in London, Canada to achieve an International Consensus on the nomenclature, description and definition, assessment and management of motor coordination problems in children. The term “Developmental Coordination Disorder” (DCD) was selected as a unifying term to facilitate inter-disciplinary communication and accessibility of information. Since then, knowledge in the field has grown considerably. 

International Society for Research in DCD (ISR-DCD) was established as an informal society to organize a biennial conference for researchers around the world to share knowledge and advance our understanding of DCD and its life-long impacts. 

The executive has grown every year as additional countries contribute a representative. The current board is exploring the idea of becoming a formal society to increase recognition of DCD, continue collaborative research internationally, and promote advocacy efforts to better support individuals with DCD.

The current board is comprised of the following individuals representing 20 countries:

Jill Zwicker (Chair)Canada
Catherine Purcell (Co-Chair)United Kingdom
Melissa LicariAustralia
Frederik DeconinckBelgium
Lívia MagalhãesBrazil
Vivienne Wenchong DuChina
Rudolf RudolfCzech Republic
Piritta AsuntaFinland
Jessica TalletFrance
Sabine VinçonGermany
Emmanuel BonneyGhana
Thomas KourtessisGreece
Sara RosenblumIsrael
Stefania ZoiaItaly
Akio NakaiJapan
Marina SchoemakerNetherlands
Jerneja TerčonSlovenia
Gillian FergusonSouth Africa
Marie-Laure KaiserSwitzerland
Priscila TamplainUnited States of America

This society supports the offering of an international conference every two to three years: these have become leading events to update information for researchers, practitioners, and families of individuals with DCD.

International Society for Research in DCD (ISR-DCD) Conferences

In 1995, the first international conference on children with DCD was held in London, United Kingdom. With an aim of increasing and exchanging our knowledge of DCD, each conference has had a different conference theme but has offered an amazing opportunity to connect with colleagues from around the world. Conferences have been held in:

Conferences Location
DCD-I: 1994London, Ontario, Canada
DCD-II: 1995London, United Kingdom
DCD-III: 1997Cardiff, Wales
DCD-IV: 1999Groningen, Netherlands
DCD-V: 2002Banff, Canada
DCD-VI: 2005Trieste, Italy
DCD-VII: 2007Melbourne, Australia
DCD-VIII: 2009Baltimore, United States
DCD-IX: 2011Lausanne, Switzerland
DCD-X: 2013Ouro Preto, Brazil
DCD-11: 2015 Toulouse, France
DCD-12: 2017 Perth, Australia
DCD-13: 2019 Jyvaskyla, Finland

DCD-14 Conference Theme

Building on the knowledge that has been gained over the past 3 decades, this conference will focus on understanding “DCD IN THE REAL WORLD”.  We invite researchers, practitioners, graduate students, educators, policy makers, families and individuals with DCD to contribute new studies and novel summaries of literature in the categories of: LIVE, LEARN, WORK, PLAY. Please visit our Call for Abstracts page for more information.