CO-OP Workshops


Comprehensive CO-OP Workshop (hybrid)

3 days:

Part 1: July 4 and July 5, 2022 in-person at UBC or over Zoom

Part 2: Held virtually at a later date to consolidate learning

  • CO-OP Workshop fee: $680 CDN 
  • CO-OP Workshop student rate: $210 CDN 

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Pre-conference workshop:  The Comprehensive CO-OP Workshop will take place in two parts: Part 1, comprising two days, will be a face-to-face workshop, held in the pre-conference period; Part 2, comprising the equivalent of one day, will be an on-line workshop scheduled about 4 months after Part 1 at a time that suits the needs of the participants (several scheduling options will be made available). 

Between Parts 1 & 2 participants will be required to gain experience with the Approach by using it with at least one client and preparing a case study to capture the experience. 

Part 1 – Foundations: consists of 2 days of interactive lectures and learning activities designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the Approach and begin the development of the skills necessary to use CO-OP in practice.   

Part 2 – Consolidation: consists of the equivalent of one day of group discussions of case experiences and learning activities designed to solidify the participants’ basic competence in CO-OP Approach and make participants eligible to apply for certification as a CO-OP therapist.


Introduction to CO-OP (hybrid)

1 day: July 10 in-person at UBC or over Zoom

  • CO-OP Intro session: $180 CDN 
  • CO-OP Intro session student rate: $60 CDN 

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Please note that CO-OP registration is separate from the conference registration. Please register here.

CO-OP: The Overview is an introductory workshop offering six hours of interactive lectures and learning exercises designed to provide participants with a basic understanding the Approach, its theoretical foundations and the evidence supporting its use with a variety of populations. The course provides an overview of the seven Key Features of CO-OP and how they are implemented in practice. 

At the end of this course, participants will be able to determine the applicability of the CO-OP Approach to their work, be it practice or research. Note: This course does not provide any practice competencies.