Pre-conference Program

CO-OP: The Comprehensive Workshop!  Becoming Competent

July 4th: Day One

9:00-9:30Introductions and Objectives
9:30-10:30Theoretical Background and Evidence for CO-OP
10:45-12:30Goal Setting in CO-OP
1:30-3:00Dynamic Performance Analysis (DPA) and Cognitive Strategy Use
3:15-4:30Skill Acquisition through Cognitive Strategy Use
4:30-5:00Homework: A, B, & C
5:00End of Day 1

July 5th: Day Two 

9:00-9:15Introduction to Day 2
9:15-10:30Guided Discovery 
10:45 -12:00The CO-OP Trifecta Exercise
1:30-2:30Enabling Principles
2:30-3:00Involving Significant Others 
3:15-4:00Intervention Format: CO-OP in your Practice
4:00-4:30Preparing for Consolidation Day (Day 3)
5:00End of Day 2

Sunday July 10 2022 (CO-OP: The Overview)

9:30-10:00Introduction and Objectives
10:00-10:50Understanding Motor-Based Performance: Theoretical Background
11:00-11:30CO-OP: A Goal-based Approach 
11:30-12:00Overview of CO-OP
1:00-2:15The CO-OP Trifecta
2:30-3:00CO-OP with Different Populations
3:00-3:30CO-OP in your Practice

DCD-14 pre-conference workshop: The Comprehensive CO-OP Workshop

Cognitive Orientation of daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) is a client-centered, performance-based, problem-solving approach aimed at improving performance and participation for people with performance difficulties.  Originally created to enable children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) to learn to perform the everyday activities they find challenging, the Approach has now been shown to be effective with both children and adults with a variety of other conditions, e.g., Acquired brain injury, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder (high functioning), dystonia, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and chronic mental illness. The CO-OP Approach has been demonstrated not only to enable the acquisition of a large variety of skills ranging from bicycle riding to wedding planning, but also the generalization and transfer of learned skills and strategies to solve performance problems.

At DCD-14 Drs. Rose Martini and Helene Polatajko will give two workshops on the CO-OP Approach: a comprehensive workshop designed for those interested in learning to apply the Approach; and a brief, introductory workshop designed to provide an overview of the Approach for those interested in gaining a basic understanding of CO-OP. The former will be offered in the pre-conference period, the latter will be offered post-conference.

Pre-conference workshop:  The Comprehensive CO-OP Workshop will take place in two parts: Part 1, comprising two days, will be a face-to-face workshop, held in the pre-conference period; Part 2, comprising the equivalent of one day, will be an on-line workshop scheduled about 4 months after Part 1 at a time that suits the needs of the participants (several scheduling options will be made available). 

Between Parts 1 & 2 participants will be required to gain experience with the Approach by using it with at least one client and preparing a case study to capture the experience. 

Part 1 – Foundations: consists of 2 days of interactive lectures and learning activities designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the Approach and begin the development of the skills necessary to use CO-OP in practice.   

Part 2 – Consolidation: consists of the equivalent of one day of group discussions of case experiences and learning activities designed to solidify the participants’ basic competence in CO-OP Approach and make participants eligible to apply for certification as a CO-OP therapist.


Rose Martini, PhD, Professor, University of Ottawa:  Dr. Rose Martini is an occupational therapist, a researcher and an educator. Her research program is focused on enabling occupational performance in children with neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly those with DCD. This includes the adaptation and development of evaluation measures, as well as the study of the effectiveness of the Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) Approach with respect to skill acquisition, retention, and transfer. Her more recent research work aims to better understand everyday occupations in families. Dr. Martini is a founding member of the International Cognitive Approaches Network (ICAN) and is also associate editor of the Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy.

Helene Polatajko, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto:  Dr. Polatajko, PhD, is an internationally respected occupational therapy scholar and educator. Her work has focused on occupation and its enablement. Prominent among her contributions are co-authorship on the internationally acclaimed Canadian Occupational Performance Measure and the two Enabling Occupation books, and leading the creation and development of the Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance approach. Dr. Polatajko has been granted numerous top awards and distinctions including the Muriel Driver Lectureship, election to The American Occupational Therapy Foundation’s Academy of Research and being named as a Fellow to the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.


Comprehensive CO-OP Workshop (hybrid)

3 days:

Part 1: July 4 and July 5, 2022 in-person at UBC or over Zoom

Part 2: Held virtually at a later date to consolidate learning

  • CO-OP Workshop fee: $680 CDN 
  • CO-OP Workshop student rate: $210 CDN 

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